RAHI Medical Outreach has over the years maintained its emergency response mechanisms across rural communities, which forms part of its policy thrust as a service and volunteer organization. The 2018 flood disaster and the mitigation mechanisms put in place by RAHI Medical Outreach in Patani and environs, is another initiative to address the challenges that comes with flooding in communities.

The organization set up an outpatients’ clinic for the Internally Displaced Persons to compliment the exiting one at the Delta State Government camp in Patani. The clinic attended to the IDPs ranging from pregnant women, nursing mothers and their children, aged and men as well, who came from within the town and various camps within the environs. The clinic which was run by RAHI medical team is part of the organizations’ contribution towards the health care of the IDPs ravaged by the flood.

Neighbouring communities of koloware, Aven, Adagbabiri, Agoloma, Umeh and environs who have been displaced by the flood took advantage of the Outpatients clinic run by RAHI Medical Outreach to attend to their health needs. Most of the IDPs who had to travel by boat to the clinic, expressed joy at such humanitarian gestures and commended RAHI Medical Outreach for taking care of their health needs.

RAHI Medical Outreach led by Dr Chris Ekiyor, the President/founder of the organization donated insecticide treated mosquito nets to the IDP camp at General Hospital in Patani, Setraco yard, koloware and Aven communities. It also distributed mosquito nets and other items at outpatients’ clinic.

In response to the organization’s call for donations of emergency relief materials to the Internally Displaced Persons, it received donations of food items and other materials from Rt. Hon Nicholas Mutu, Great Minds International and Engr. Theo Ekiyor and Friends. The donated items were accordingly distributed to the IDPs.

The outcomes of the Outpatients’ clinic and distribution of items to the Internally Displaced Persons, as palliatives, has been encouraging and self fulfilling. RAHI Medical Outreach with its team of volunteers is poised to deliver on its vision and objectives. The cardinal aim of pioneering excellence in healthcare and emergency situations is a sacred mandate of the organization.