Standing on the vision of providing efficient and sustainable  rural health in Africa, RAHI Medical Outreach with its team of volunteers is saddled with the sustenance of effective medical interventions through its medical missions in rural communities.

Attending to rural communities at a medical mission
Nursing mothers waiting at the out-patients unit

The focal point is the advancement of health care delivery in these communities who oftentimes lack basic medical healthcare facilities, medical consumables and qualified medical personnel to man the health facilities where they are available.

Physical examination of a patients’s eye
Collecting of blood sample for laboratory examination

Overtime, the organization has provided succour and respite for internally displaced persons, victims of natural disasters or epidemics as it were. Cases abound in our communities where the organization relocated to these areas to provide both medical assistance and emergency relief materials as a first step mechanism of rehabilitation and re-integration.

Doctor consulting at an outreach center
Emergency relief materials to IDPs

An organization founded by Dr Chris Ekiyor, made up of men and women of great volunteering spirit with an array of dedicated volunteers, RAHI Medical Outreach is determined in its expedition to meet the health needs of communities through partnerships or independently as the case may be.

Nursing unit in action

Most communities have difficulty in assessing health facilities due to poor road network or difficult terrains in their communities. A paradigm shift from the inaccessibility of health care and poor healthy standards is needed to transform rural communities to safe habitable haven with reprieve in the eventuality of disease outbreak or infirmity.

Community sensitization by a community volunteer

RAHI Medical Outreach is on top of this vision and the overwhelming encouragement from beneficiaries of our free medical missions and emergency relief supports as well as other stakeholders in our society has been the driving force that has kept us on our foot in reaching the basic health indices of these communities.