Health has been described as the complete, mental and social well being of the body and not necessarily the absence of disease or infirmity. By implication, it means complete wellness of the body. An individual is said to be fit when he or she is mentally sound in body and soul even without disease, ailment or ill-health in whatever form.

Qualitative and affordable healthcare delivery is key to healthy living. This is possible when healthcare providers show commitment and passion for the sick or vulnerable groups. Often times, it is a factor of economic situation of the country where individuals are unable to afford the cost of healthcare facilities, accessibility to the healthcare facilities, climatic conditions or government policies.

RAHI Volunteers moving to an Outreach center in the creeks

The import of RAHI Medical Outreach to promote wellness in this seemingly healthcare challenges is a function of the role it plays to bridge the gap between the rural dwellers on one side and healthcare facilities/providers on the other side since inception in 2009.

Health Advocacy lectures
Preparing patients for consultation

Through its regular health advocacy programmes, free medical outreach in communities, most of them along difficult terrains, emergency response in disease outbreak/disasters and provision of food and medical consumables to internally displaced persons, RAHI Medical Outreach maintains the sacred mandate to provide palliative medical intervention arising from deficiencies, challenges or shortfalls in health care delivery.

Opthalmic unit

With a focal point in rural Africa, connoting its motto; ‘Towards efficient and sustainable rural health in Africa’, RAHI Medical Outreach’s set aims and objectives have been possible over the years through formidable partnership with both local and international donor agencies, government, health related or socio-cultural nongovernmental Organizations as the case may be and private individuals.

Nurses at work
Labouratory testing in progress

Maintaining the complete wellness of the body will guarantee a healthy, wealthy nation comprising of able bodied individuals that will contribute to its growth and development.  A purely physical and mental state with the absence of disease or infirmity is the sure way to actualize it.

Pharmacy unit dispensing drugs

RAHI Medical Outreach in synergy with the founding fathers, partners and volunteers is at the center of this mission.