“My brother, we thank RAHI Medical Outreach and their partners for bringing healthcare to our homes. In the past, we’ve had difficulty in assessing health care in this community. Our roads are bad and inaccessible. The only health center we have here is without drugs and medical personnel. What more can we say than to wish that this free Medical Outreach will continue forever.”

(Words of appreciation from a pensioner in one of the Medical Missions embarked upon by RAHI Medical Outreach)

RAHI Contributing to maternal health in communities

This is a typical commendation seen in virtually all the free medical missions by RAHI Medical Outreach either self funded or in partnership with individuals, groups or government agencies. It brings our minds to the reality that more needs to be done in providing qualitative health care for several communities faced with challenges in assessing medical attention.

Dr Chris Ekiyor, President/Founder, RAHI Medical Outreach receiving an award at event by Nigerian Dental Association
Dr Chris Ekiyor receiving an award of recognition on RAHI Medical Outreach

Advancement in health care, procurement of medical consumables, accessibility of qualified medical personnel to man the health facilities and basic health standards will guarantee healthy communities for the growth of any nation. Regrettably, relevant stakeholders and agencies have failed in reaching the rural communities with prompt medical attention.

Community service by RAHI Medical Outreach Volunteers

Victims of natural disasters or outbreak of epidemics require quick emergency response as well as medical care to recuperate and rehabilitate the internally displaced persons to normal life. This is a function of available resources to sustain the management process. Only a committed organization will mobilize its team for such a venture.

Attending to Internally displaced persons at RAHI camp

We have kept faith with our vision in healthcare delivery. It is a duty we have resolved to uphold within the limits of available resources. The words of encouragement from beneficiaries of the free medical missions and emergency relief programmes are testament to this fact.

International partnerships for better health care delivery

As a non-governmental organization committed to improving health care, RAHI Medical Outreach is determined to meet the health needs of our people.


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