RAHI Medical Outreach through its numerous medical missions have been instrumental in the deployment of qualified medical team to attend to the health needs of rural communities, within the period of its free medical outreach to impacted communities.

RAHI Medical team embarking on a free medical outreach in a riverine community in Niger Delta

Over time the challenges of medical care in these communities have been the inaccessibility of health care facilities; often faced with poor road network, lack of drugs and inadequate/lack of medical equipment. In the foregoing, it has been proved that most qualified medical personnel prefer to stay in the cities than being resident in rural communities, obviously because of the shortage or lack of basic amenities.

Visual acuity test on a patient

The import of the rural-urban drift and poor basic health care is envisioned by the aforementioned variables. It is imperative therefore, for relevant stakeholders and government agencies to take proactive steps to address these challenges as it affects rural health care.

Doctor attending to mother and children in a rural outreach

At RAHI Medical Outreach, qualitative health care delivery is the crux of the vision of the organization and the essence of the free medical missions in the communities. The various units in each of the free medical missions, be it out-patients, surgery, nursing, ophthalmic, dental, dental prosthesis, labouratory and pharmacy units ensures that patients attended to, during the outreach are given the best care.

Nursing unit, taking vital signs from patients

No wonder, communities visited in the past have all appealed to the medical team to come back to continue the work of adequate medical care. With support from government agencies, individual and corporate bodies as well as sister NGOs, we will delivery on our vision.

Special attention to the vulnerable groups in medical missions