The mission statement of RAHI Medical Outreach as a non-profit, non-religious and non-political, Non-Governmental organization (NGO) in providing qualitative healthcare for rural communities is hinged on robust partnership with private and corporate bodies as well donor agencies.

RAHI Medical Outreach craves to ensure that at present and in the foreseeable future, every man, woman and child across rural communities in Africa can rely on getting all the advice, treatment and care which they may need in matters of personal health. They shall get the best medical and other facilities available and getting all these shall not depend on whether they can pay for them or any other factor irrelevant to the real need.

Welcoming RAHI Medical Outreach to Medical Bridges, Texas, USA
Dr Chris Ekiyor, Mr Alvaro Carrasco and Mr Amabo Macharry at the Medical Bridges, Texas

It came into existence to assists most essentially the rural communities in areas that center on disease prevention, management and eradication. It carries out this task directly or as partners in free medical missions, oftentimes traversing difficult terrains to render such services and the provision of emergency relief materials in the eventuality of disease outbreaks and disaster prone areas.

The above readily demonstrates that the vision of RAHI Medical Outreach and its operating ideologies connotes a ‘HUMAN FACE’ in service.

RAHI Medical Outreach in a bid to expand its frontiers and to deliver on its’ mandate in the area of medical missions  has set in motion a formidable partnership with Medical Bridges, Texas, USA.

Dr Chris Ekiyor in a firm handshake with Mr Alvaro Carrasco

Mr Alvaro Carrasco who spoke on behalf of Medical bridges, Texas, after the meeting, said he was delighted to welcome Dr Chris Ekiyor, Founder, RAHI Medical Outreach and Mr Macharry Amabo to their office and looked forward to a long lasting partnership. While acknowledging the giant strides of the organization in healthcare delivery, Mr Carrasco expressed optimism in visiting Nigeria and looked forward to supporting the efforts of the organization in making a difference in the community of Nigeria.

Mr Alvaro Carrasco taking Dr Chris Ekiyor round the equipment at Medical Bridges
Dr Chris Ekiyor inspecting some of the medical equipment
Some equipment on display at Medical bridges, Texas USA

Earlier on, Dr Chris Ekiyor, Founder RAHI Medical Outreach and leader of the delegation said the organization will continue to partner with associated bodies to deliver on its vision of taking healthcare to the next level in rural communities.

With this formidable partnership, RAHI Medical Outreach has once more scored another milestone in the organization’s quest to reach the deprived rural communities with standard medical interventions comparable to none.

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