A cursory assessment of health care delivery in urban and rural communities gives a large disparity, pointing to the fact that most rural communities are burdened by inadequate health care facilities and personnel for the task of providing adequate health care for the people.

Surgical procedure at an outreach center

The bulk of rural dwellers are either subsistence farmers, fishermen, petty traders and low income earners who many a time, cannot afford the medicals bills for major diseases ailments arising from poor health conditions, epidemic or natural causative agents.

Tooth extraction in progress

Working with our local and international partners since inception, RAHI Medical Outreach has taken qualitative healthcare to the rural communities in Africa, touching lives through humanitarian services and emergency response in disasters.

Nurse attending to a small boy

This commitment which has kept the organization going is borne out of the determined to improve the healthcare indices in line with global best practices.

Baby delivery at RAHI Medical Outreach

The robust qualified medical team and medical missions over the years, cutting across the creeks and hinterland has taken care of several medical emergencies with a note of commendation from the people.

Attending to an elderly woman

In all, the vision/mission of RAHI Medical Outreach is the guiding principle for the successful outreach recorded so far. The team spirit from volunteers have been a plus which have culminated in the attainment of healthcare deliverable in all the communities visited.

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