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Awareness of Tuberculosis Amongst Antenatal Clinic Attendees at a Tertiary Hospital: A Nigerian

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International Journal of Innovative Medicine and Health Science, Volume 12, 2020

Eli S1, KalioDGB2,  Briggs NCT3 , OkaguaKE3*, EkiyorC4, OkonofuaFE5

 1Mother and Baby Care Global Foundation

2Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Rivers State University Teaching Hospital,

Port Harcourt ,Nigeria

3Department of Community Medicine , Rivers State University

4RAHI Foundation

5Women’s Health and Action Research Center


Background: Tuberculosis (TB) is a major public health problem with negative impact on the reproductive health of women. Nigeria ranks first in Africa and fourth among the 22 high TB burden countries in the world, with about 460,000 cases of TB recorded annually.

Aim: To determine the awareness of TB amongst antenatal clinic (ANC) attendees at the Rivers State University Teaching Hospital (RSUTH), Nigeria. 

Method: It was a cross sectional study of ANC attendees at the RSUTH, Nigeria. Simple randomized sampling method was used. The information was analyzed using SPSS version 25.

Results: The total numbers of 200 questionnaires were distributed and 190 retrieved. The mean age was 32 years and the modal parity was 0. The mean gestational age was 30 weeks. The awareness of TB amongst the ANC attendees was 177 (93.2%). One (0.5%) had open TB in the past, was not treated. Six (3.2%) had family members/ friends with TB. One hundred and forty-five (76.3%) of the respondents had BCG vaccine in infancy.


Key words: Awareness, TB, ANC attendees, Nigerian Study

Corresponding Author: [email protected] Publication Date: January 06, 2021


The study revealed the awareness of TB amongst ANC attendees at the RSUTH as 93.7%, 3.2% had family members/friends with TB. In addition, the study revealed that 76.3% had BCG in infancy the target should be 100%. Enlightenment program is needed to create awareness on preventive measures as regards the scourge of TB which may be a co-infection with HIV/AIDs.

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