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In line with our avowed commitment towards assisting indigent people of Nigeria with healthcare, a free Adenotonsillectomy was carried out for a two year old Son of a local security man with income of less than Twenty Thousand Naira per month in a rural community of owerre Olubor-Delta State.
The two year old child presented with history of restless sleep, noisy breathing, recurrent nasal discharge, poor hearing and yet to utter words all of 14 months duration.

Patient was sent to UBTH where they could not foot the huge bill and the parents were left with no option than to resign to fate.
Succor came the way of the distraught parents when our organization took over management of the child at no cost to the parents.
Adenotonsillitis is a recurrent or resistant infection of the tonsils and adenoids. The tonsils are lymphoid organs located in the back of the mouth on either side of the throat.

The adenoids are lymphoid organs located in the back of the mouth. Both are factories for the production of immunologic white blood cells to fight infection in the upper aerodigestive tracts. They can become a problem when they are infected themselves.
Chronic adenotonsillitis is the condition of a persistent infection of the tonsils and adenoid. Patient benefited from a successful adenotonsillectomy by an otolaryngogologist and has recuperated. The hearing has improved dramatically following successful surgery.

The parents of child are full of appreciation for the management and staffs of RAHI Medical Outreach.



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